Things I Love!

52 REASONS I LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY... by Joanne Palmisano

As a designer, I spend a lot of time thinking about layouts, fabrics, furniture, salvaged and recycled materials and how to make spaces happy and comfortable. But when I think about what I would grab if my home was on fire, besides my family of course, it would be one thing--a deck of cards. 

Last year, my daughter, Gabrielle, made me a DIY gift that she created using a deck of playing cards--52 reasons I love you like crazy.

The joy this homemade gift brings me everyday is immeasurable. It's more precious to me than anything else I own. The care and feeling that went into these 52 deeply personal and insightful reasons still astounds me. 

And although, it's nice to  have a home that is beautiful, warm and welcoming, this deck of cards proves to me that it is way more important on how we treat ourselves and others, that we give and receive love unconditionally, and that we know we can make a difference. Thank you Gabrielle for this amazing gift you have given me. 

Everyday we should express joy, gratitude, happiness and love to those in our lives, not just on Valentine's Day (even though that is a good time as well).

Happy February...

X0X0, Joanne