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Salvage Secrets, Transforming reclaimed materials into design concepts.

A striking how-to guide and four-color visual tour presenting design possibilities using a range of salvaged materials.

Sustainability and conservation are buzzwords in the construction and renovation of homes today. It's therefore no surprise that "salvage design"—reusing old building materials and other types of recycled goods—is becoming a popular technique, both for its environmentally friendly functionality and for its unique design aesthetic.

Here, award-winning designer Joanne Palmisano presents an inspiring, practical guide that is also a striking visual tour of the full range of interior design possibilities incorporating salvaged materials. From using recycled wood as vintage flooring or accent beams to reclaiming stone as a kitchen island or fitting salvaged tiles into a bathroom backsplash, the book covers a range of materials and design concepts for different rooms and supplies technical information about what to keep in mind (size, shape, color, structural needs, etc.), how to use the salvaged materials most effectively, and where to go to find them.

For more information, check out www.joannePalmisano.comto explore the online world of all things salvaged, recycled, upcycled, vintage and reclaimed.

Book Details

Author, Joanne Palmisano

Photographer, Susan Teare

Publisher, W.W. Norton & Company, New York/London

ISBN 978-0-393-73339-6
8.4 × 8.3 in / 256 pages
Sales Territory: Worldwide



Salvage Secrets Design & Décor, transforming your home with reclaimed materials

A visually sumptuous idea book, showcasing an eclectic array of interior design possibilities using salvaged goods.

Following up on her celebrated first Salvage Secrets book, which Fine Homebuilding called “An invaluable first step in the salvage-for-design journey,” here salvage design guru Joanne Palmisano takes readers further, exploring a wealth of smaller-scale interior design and decor concepts.

Bottle caps turned into a kitchen backsplash, old bed springs reinvented as candle holders, and a recycled shipping container-turned-guesthouse are just a few examples of the innovative repurposing of second-hand items that readers will discover. From retro and modern to classic, “cottage,” and urban chic, Palmisano takes readers on a sumptuous visual journey featuring unique salvage ideas in an eclectic array of styles, for every room in the house—kitchens and dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, living rooms and dens, and entryways and outdoor areas.

The journey continues with a sampling of cutting-edge retail spaces, hotels, cafes, and boutiques across the country that incorporate salvage into their designs, such as Industrie Denim in San Francisco, Stowe Mountain Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, and Rejuvenation in Portland. Profiles of thirteen “salvage success stories” are also included, showcasing the imaginative designs of creative homeowners. And lastly, fourteen easy, do-it-yourself projects are included at the back of the book (with step-by-step instructions), not to mention a comprehensive “Where to Find Salvage” resource section.

Packed with over 350 color photos, Salvage Secrets Design & Decor offers a trove of salvage ideas to inspire, proving that you need look no further than your local rebuild center, architectural salvage shop, or flea market to transform your living space.

Author, Joanne Palmisano

Photographer, Susan Teare

Publisher, W.W. Norton & Company, New York/London

Book Details

ISBN 978-0-393-73388-4
8.1 × 8 in / 304 pages
Sales Territory: Worldwide