Why I love what I do! It isn't just about a cool design. It is about helping people who really want to bring back to life an outdated vacation rental, an old motel, inn or hotel, restaurant. This is about people who work for themselves, who work really hard to make things happen in their local community -- who live and work there and want to create their own successful business.

I love this kind of work because I really am making a difference in lives and they truly appreciate what I bring to the table. And that's what it is all about. PEOPLE. 

Have fun. Work hard. Be Nice.           XOXO Joanne

Joanne@JoannePalmisano.com (best way to reach me)


Joanne's services range from providing original design concept ideas all the way to full service design for renovations or new builds. Joanne is available to work with you, your builder, development team, or join in a creative collaboration with your design firm and architectural team.  


Joanne can work with you on prop and lifestyle styling and DIY content for your product lines, websites, content, online marketing, catalog, magazines and more.

With over 250 projects online for DIY NETWORK, Joanne is very familiar in creating unique content for lifestyle websites. She is happy to work with you on creating content.

DIY Content

Presentations & Demonstrations

Joanne conducts presentations/book signings across the nation and would be happy to discuss presenting and signing books at your fair, design show, special event, home show, seminar or private gathering. 

Joanne gives presentations, workshops and book signings across the nation and would be happy to chat with you about being at your upcoming event, association meeting or private gathering. 

Book Signings