The Making of a Giant Wall Mural -- Ice Cream Scoops, of Course! / by Joanne Palmisano

The final shot -- Photography by Susan Teare

The final shot -- Photography by Susan Teare

I'm so excited that after years of dreaming about doing this design idea -- I actually got to do it in a recent project -- a giant wall mural. And even better, I got to do it with ice cream. 

So how it began. Tim Williams, the owner of Archie's (a burger restaurant that I also designed the space for) asked me if I was ready to design an ice cream shop next door. Of course I was ready! HELLO! I was born ready...

First, I collected antique ice cream scoops wherever I went. If I was at a fair, I picked some a volleyball tournament and stopping by an antique shop, I got some. It was easy because, for my salvage, vintage design presentations and book signings, I was at a lot of these places shopping anyway. It was fun to have a particular item to search for.  

Once I had them all, I picked out anantique board from my large board/prop collection -- I use a lot of these for backdrops for photo shoots. Then I laid the scoops on the board and marked their exact positions with a pencil dot under them.

Tim made some sample batches of the HOMEMADE ice cream to be used in the photo shoot. He wanted to make sure it was his ice cream we used and not just the flavors he was selling.

Then Susan Teare, my dear friend and photographer, came down to my house and we did some math -- or to say -- LIndsay Raymondjack (who photo-shopped the picture) and Kevin McGrath at Offset House (who was printing it) -- did the math. You see -- we could not take it as ONE giant picture--because where were blowing this up to 20 feet by 5 feet -- so the photo would have been too pixiilated (spelling?) and the picture was being put up as panels. So once the size and DPI was determined correctly, we went to work on measuring the board and putting everything into position.


AND -- the ice cream would have melted by the time we scooped the last few. 

So with a board that was taped off in sections -- we took photos of 3-4 scoops at a time. We had to make sure we slide the board down the floor on the EXACT same line.

Once the 4 pictures where done --Lindsay worked her magic (took out some board holes and splits, and fixed any small stray pieces of ice cream, etc... then got the images to Kevin at Offset and he then made sure they all lined up (with a small overlap on each picture to line them up. 


Then they where hung -- very carefully.

IPHONE PIC...Soon better ones to come of the whole shop :)

VOILA! By far the biggest hit in the shop (after the ice cream of course).


My best, Joanne