Thank you! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! / by Joanne Palmisano

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Our Short Holiday Letter :)

As always...the year flew by... Gabrielle is now in her second year at the University of British Columbia working on a degree in Biomedical Engineering and enjoying Vancouver. Thankfully she came home for the summer and worked as a launch driver at the yacht club (and getting all her wisdom teeth out but still managed to retain her wisdom!). Steve is now a bionic man with a new hip (I have realized my nursing skills only last about a week...although he needed about four weeks to recover -- thank goodness he made his own meals and froze them -- if you haven't heard about my cooking skills -- that should make them very clear).

And just to make this a proper holiday letter... our car was stolen (oh Montreal...never to be returned...), we had an evasion of little bugs from my bird seed bag (that was fun), and many other trials and tribulations (like everyone else), but some to close to the heart to mention.

Which makes us appreciate the good stuff even more... Gabrielle traveled through Peru with a friend staying at hostels and exploring for two weeks before she started her summer job (she and her friend planned the entire thing and paid for it themselves).She took some amazing pictures (and I'm not just saying that because I'm her Mom) and posted them on her Instagram site, Gabrielle Goes Global. Steve sailed all summer long...and if you know how long Vermont winters can be -- you would too! ;) My twin travel adventures continue--Rosanne and I went to Italy (hiking, eating, drinking the wine... and the shopping...finding antiques and salvage in every stop). My new book, Styling with Salvage, came out in April, and I spent some time zooming across the nation, giving presentations and book signings, including Rejuvenation in Portland, Oregon, Vermont Distinguished Authors Series and all five Country Living Magazine Fairs--from Nashville to New York to Ohio (twice) and Atlanta--always a thrill! The response to the book has been phenomenal! Thank you! 

Tons of great press, dozens of articles and mentions, including Country Living Magazine naming me one of the top creative people in the nation and DIY Network calling me a "creative genius" in a recent feature article.  (Genius is not a word I am accustomed to being called...but I'll take it!)  And amidst it all, I had so many great design projects.

Thank you for all your support and for following me on this crazy journey called life. I really hope that you get to spend time with your family, relax and enjoy each other's company. I've posted a few HOLIDAY DIY'S on my Instagram. A family that crafts together...well, I don't know...but it's a lot of fun! 

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!
xoxo Joanne  (cin cin)

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